Webinar Automation for Better Attendee Interest and Engagement

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Webinar Automation Just Became Easy  

Easy Webinar is a smart and stylish webinar presentation company that specializes in live and automated webinars. They have mastered the relationship between smooth communication and a genuine audience connection and their platform is designed to increase attendee interest and engagement. 


Holding live events exposes organizers to an increased risk of things not going as planned. If not managed and anticipated in advance, last-minute changes and event management surprises can severely impact expected outcomes. 

● No delay, high quality picture streaming. Pixelated video and audio-video delays may cause your attendees to tune-out and disengage prematurely.

● Amazing audio using TrueVoice technology. In our previous blog about Beginner’s Guide to Webinar Audio, we highlighted the importance of investing in equipment that ensures crisp audio. Poor quality audio impacts customer experience and net promoter scores.

● The power of options for event delivery is expanding. Having a solution that lets you choose whether to stream your webinar live or to opt for a private event is a value-added feature.

● Easily stream your webinar simultaneously on FaceBook and YouTube, using our EasyCast feature.

● Share your message with the right people at the right time. Connect and collaborate with your audience in real time. 

● Hosting your live webinar with multiple presenters makes it ideal for interviews, group calls and meetings. 

● Engage with your audience via live chats, quizzes, audience polls and viewer feedback. 

● Send links and communication in real time, including emojis! 

● Interactive, commerce-ready interface help you easily turn attendees into customers with one click of a button that takes them straight to bonus and checkout pages. 

8 Great Reasons for Creating EVERGREEN AUTOMATED WEBINARS ? 

Evergreen webinars are in a lot of ways ‘timeless’. They are always relevant. It is pre-recorded content that can be set up as a recurring event, available 24×7 even without the need for a live host. Imagine being able to market, sell, or teach on autopilot.

Here are 8 great reasons for making evergreen automated webinars or content part of your marketing and sales strategy.

  1. Evergreen webinars are non-dated, recorded webinars that stream in real time. So, if an attendee were to arrive late, they would not miss that part of the webinar. 
  2. Easily reach a much larger audience by scheduling your showings in their respective time zones and offer multiple sessions for them to choose from. 
  3. Repurpose your live webinars by automating them immediately after the webinar. This creates a sales funnel that will increase leads and sales. 
  4. ‘Right-on time’ registrations are scheduled prompts alerting visitors of your next, upcoming webinar. Example, you can time the event to start after the viewer has been on your page for 15 minutes. 
  5. Expiring replay pages – based on when they registered, your replay pages are only available for a set amount of time, calling them to immediate action. 
  6. Set your system to automatically remove past events thus focusing on upcoming event dates and times. 
  7. Easily integrate platforms you already use like Mail Chimp, PayPal, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Twitter Chat and so many more. 
  8. 24/7 exposure means 24/7 sales.
  9. Landing page templates – Grab their attention! Say thank you, offer bonuses and discounts or invite them to watch a replay. 
  1. Embeddable Event Widgets – Embed your Registration form directly into the platforms you already use. 
  2. Ad Tracking – easily track conversions from all of your inbound marketing tools. 

EasyWebinar combines the power of a full suite marketing platform with the impact of face-to-face interaction so you can connect with customers, automate engagement and optimize every campaign.

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