Video Conferencing and Online Classes Now ‘Traditional’ and Simplified

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Online communication at its finest! 

Video conferencing and online classes have become increasingly ‘normal’ high tech and fine tuned over the years. Well before anyone knew what Skype was, Digital Samba was already carving out their foundation and claiming their spot at the top of the industry for the last 19+ years

The Wonderful World of Webinars 

A win win for creators and attendees! 

Webinars are fantastic tools that often give presenters a distinct marketing edge over their competitors. It is the perfect way to start or expand your sales funnels and to attract your ideal audience. 

Providing attendees with entertaining and informative webinars will vastly improve your conversion rates which fuels your company’s growth. 

Samba Live enables creators and hosts to broadcast to multiple streaming platforms simultaneously, which allows anyone to join the webinar regardless of their location or device. And yes, this does include most social media sites! 

Scheduled email blasts and campaigns encourage attendees to register early through Samba Live’s super quick and easy registration process. Follow up correspondence is also integrated into the system, to inspire and energize repeat attendees. 

Digital Samba’s webinar software has mastered the art of “white labeling.” Your webinar is presented as your own production highlighting your brand and likeness while Samba Live quietly does the heavy lifting behind the scenes for you. This lends credence and legitimacy to your company. 

Samba Live is here to make you look good! It gives creators a polished and professional look, while saving them the expense and time commitment of managing their own full service marketing department. 

The “No Dread” Video Conferencing & Meeting 

Organized, efficient and maybe even a little bit fun! 

Please don’t expect the standard, boring and stuffy online office meeting or video conference here at Samba Live. Those days are gone. 

Samba Live has designed features that include:

  • high definition
  • high quality 
  • no lag video presentations

You can take and share notes and you can even send and share files across numerous platforms. You are able to collaborate with your peers via multi user whiteboards, breakout rooms for smaller groups and group screen sharing which allows for everyone to see the same information and images at the same time. 

Audience polling gives creators real time data to base their progress on. Hand raising, live Q&A and text chatting during live videos facilitates an interactive and smooth experience for all participants. If there must be meetings, let Samba Live make them happen for you!

Online Classes 

Where everyone is included! 

Online classes play a very important role in today’s society. There is so much information at our fingertips and Samba Live makes learning interesting and interactive. 

By catering to each individual attendee and including everyone in the virtual exchange, participation is elevated and a more meaningful experience is had by all. 

Hand raising, white boards and private rooms keeps the class simple, safe, streamlined and flexible for all users because classes can and should be enjoyable! Attendees never have to download anything in order to participate in a class. 

If you have a wifi connection and a browser, you are all set to learn something new and expand your horizons. Because knowledge is power!

Customize and Scale your Online Presence 

Let us help you build your dreams! 

Samba Live is a highly customizable platform. If you need it, Samba Live offers it. Samba Live provides each and every online communication component with its own API handle. It is much easier to eliminate your choices from the complete menu rather than remembering and adding each option that you may need or want. 

Samba Live believes that price points should not hold you back from growing your business or improving your marketplace presence, so fair and flexible pricing is always available to our creators. 

Whether you are a brand new freelancer, a small family affair, a well established corporation, or a world renowned University, Samba Live meets you where you are and helps you reach new levels of growth that will secure your ongoing success. 

If you need the best in online meetings, webinars and virtual classrooms, you have found your happy place with Digital Samba. 

About Digital Samba

Digital Samba is a European based company that stays fully compliant with GDPR rules and regulations ensuring data privacy and data security. You will receive support from live associates that provide confidentiality, European values and a true interest in you and your mission and goals. Digital Samba takes every single online communication factor into account and integrates them into one convenient product that simplifies the entire virtual communication process for both creators and attendees. 

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