Webinar: Telephone Skills Training

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: May 9, 2023 | 1:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

Telephone skills are very critical to a company’s customer relationships. The customer’s first impression of a company is formed mainly by interacting with the phone person. Due to this, it is essential for all staff who will entertain customer phone calls to have the proper training on how to handle the calls.
Key Topics
I. What are telephone skills and their importance?
II. Understanding the customer’s perception
III. Techniques that create a positive first and lasting impression
IV. Nonverbal communication concerns: attitude, attention, posture, facial expressions
V. Improving your listening skills
VI. Voice quality: Understanding pitch, volume, speed, and clarity
VII. A strong start: Selecting cheerful and appropriate greetings
VIII. Positive and effective verbal communication¨
Using positive vocabulary
Words to use and which ones to avoid
Slang and phrases to avoid
Statements to avoid giving the wrong impression
IX. Building rapport: Appropriate and effective ways to build rapport.
X. Placing callers on-hold techniques
XI. Effectively transferring a call
XII. Handling customer complaint call
Take accurate notes
Empathize with angry or distressed customers
Take ownership of the problem and follow through
Rephrase the customer’s statement
Acknowledge the customer’s feelings
State the company’s position
Allow the customer choices
Find mutually acceptable solutions
XIII. Handling multiple calls
XIV. Closing the call techniques for creating last solid impressions
XV. Using voice mail effectively
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