Webinar: Starting a Food Cart Business

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: May 4, 2023 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

Starting a Food Cart Business
About the Seminar
Before buying a food cart franchise, find out if it is better if you do it yourself. This food cart business seminar will give you professional guidance on what it takes to put up and operate this business. Start a food cart business instead of buying a food cart franchise, save money, and expand fast by franchising your food cart yourself!
Key Topics
I. Introduction
a. What is a food cart?
b. Top food carts in the Philippines
II. Why do many people go into the food cart business
III. Business permits and licenses
a. Registering with DTI, SEC, IPO, BIR, and getting the necessary business permits in the barangay and municipal/city hall (mayor’s permit)
IV. Coming up with a good stall design
a. Differentiating yourself from competitors
b. Buying ready-made food carts or customized ones
V. Operations and management
VI. To franchise or to start your own
VII. Finding the right location
a. Check demographics
b. Know the lease price
c. Negotiating lease agreements
d. Factor-in maintenance cost and repair
VIII. Pricing and costing
a. Methods in determining standard portion cost
b. Recipe costing
IX. Advertisement and promotions
a. Tarpaulins
b. Flyers
c. Social Media
d. Giveaways
e. Promo discounts
X. Staffing
a. Hiring personnel
b. Training employees
XI. Different types of food carts
a. Table top food cart
b. Kiosk
c. Bike
XII. Tips to prevent losses and enhance chances of success
a. Effective management
b. Developing a program
XIII. Return on investment
XIV. Suppliers
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