Webinar: Project Sales Management

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: March 25, 2023 | 1:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

Increase your project sales win ratio with the right approach and management!
This program focuses on effectively managing your project sales pipeline by using technology as a source in preparation for the new normal. Also, this module gives the trainees a procedure to filter priority projects considering urgency and amount. This also details the importance of quantifying sales activities to the project’s success. Lastly, this module uses several management tools to analyze a project’s sales pipelines.
Key Topics
I. Project Sales Funnel Process
A. Step 1: Leads Generation in the New Normal
1. Project lead sources
2. Online project lead sources
B. Step 2: Filter Leads by Probing
1. Types of questions
a. Close-ended questions
b. Open-ended questions
2. Asking the right questions
a. Discovery questions
b. Coaching questions
c. Leading questions
C. Step 3: Qualify Leads by Rapport Building Activities
1. Initiation Phase
2. Design Phase
3. Documentation Phase
D. Step 4: Selling
1. The AIDA Principle
2. Persuasive Sales Closing Process
3. Closing Tips
E. Step 5: Increase Loyalty
1. Satisfaction
2. Retention
3. Endorsement
II. Project Sales Management Process
A. Project Possibility Management
a. Importance of Sales Activity Progress Management
b. Project Sales Pipeline Progress and Corresponding Percentage
B. Project Management Tools
a. Manual
b. Online
c. Automated
C. Effect of Project Sales Management on the Value Chain
a. Marketing
b. Product Development
c. Supply Chain
III. Analyzing Project Sales Performance
A. Leads-to-sales conversion rate
B. Project type attractiveness
C. Reason for loss management
D. Using Excel as a tool for analysis
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