Webinar: Effective Meeting Management

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: April 19, 2023 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

We all need to have practical skills to manage meetings. Employees who master effective running appointments have a 33% more chance of getting higher promotions. This seminar is for you if you want to deliver effective meetings, from formal board meetings to informal discussions. You will learn how to draw the best of the time, energy, and resources spent in meetings and get the desired resolution to problems and the best agreements by consensus.
Key Topics
I. Framework Of An Effective Meeting
II. Impact Of Effective Meetings
III. Types Of Meetings
IV. How To Organize Successful Meetings
V. Effective Meeting Management
VI. Important Elements When Planning Meetings
VII. Overview Of An Effective Meeting
VIII. Meeting Agenda
IX. Facilitation
X. Tasks Of A Facilitator
XI. Meeting Seating
XII. Robert’s Rules Of Order
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