Webinar: Effective Employee and Labor Relations Management

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: May 16, 2023 | 1:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

This seminar provides an overview of the various methods and concepts that affect employee and labor relations. Through case studies and labor case simulations, the participant will understand the employee and labor relations process and its application to the workplace and factors that affect employee-employer relations, such as mediation and conflict management.
A necessary skill set in today’s world – designed for those involved in or associated with labor relations. Covers the labor-related laws, typical contract clauses, grievance procedures, supervisor and manager responsibilities, and current labor relations field activities. Participants will learn to approach their responsibilities for matters covered by labor relations with more confidence and expertise.
Key Topics
1. HR Practice in Employer-Employee Relationship
• Conditions of Employment
• Employee Engagement
2. The political, economic, legal, and social framework for employee and labor relations, including the more current mutual interest-based relationship.
2.1 The Employee Rights to Statutory Benefits
• Minimum Wage Law
• Holiday Pay Law
• Night Shift Differential Pay
• 13th Month Pay Law
• Rest Day Benefits
• Service Incentive
• Overtime Pay Benefits
• Paternity Pay Law
• Solo Parent Law
• Maternity Leave
• Separation Pay
• Retirement Pay Law
• Non-Diminution Rule
2.2 Employee Welfare Law
• The Employee Compensation Law
• Right to Emergency Medical and Dental Treatment
• Protection of Women and Minor Workers
3. The future trends of employee/employer interaction, including alternate dispute resolution (ADR), mediation, and mutual gains bargaining.
• Petition to Organize and Rights of the Union
• Laws on Termination
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