Webinar: Creative Thinking Skills for Managers and Leaders

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: April 19, 2023 | 1:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

Creativity is present in all arts, music, and literature fields. In the arts field, it obviouslyt qualifies as creating an artistic work. However, other areas also allow: in field management, if there is a new problem, crisis, or challenge to be solved, it requires creativity to figure out a workable solution.
Therefore, creativity in management is an ongoing process involving finding and solving new problems and crises in different ways. Creative thinking is looking at issues from a fresh perspective that suggests unconventional solutions.
This skill has been highlighted many times but often overlooked as one of the essentials for leaders and their teams. Aside from solving problems, it is also used to run breakthrough concepts and processes, stay competitive in the market, grow the business, and stay ahead of the game. The development of the modern world has been increasingly dependent on novelties.
This webinar uses interactive techniques, including exercises, brainstorming, case studies, and sharing ideas.
Key Topics
I. Definition and Characteristics of Creativity and Creative Thinking
II. Business Impact and Success Stories from Companies’ New Ideas Management
III. Ways of Enhancing Creative Thinking Skills
IV. Team Exploring the Idea Processes: Brainstorming, De Bono’s Lateral Thinking, and The Six Thinking Hats in Resolving Problems
V. Creative Thinking and Its Relationship to Innovation
VI. Creative Leadership
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