Webinar: Coaching Skills Training to Improve Employee Performance

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: May 9, 2023 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

3 Hrs

How our daily lives, both personal and corporate, were altered even in just a few weeks. The global pandemic-related concerns have caused managers and supervisors to lead their employees by practicing the social distancing protocol or virtually. How can these leaders have their coaching sessions remotely with their respective teams and still apply the best coaching principles?
Is coaching still relevant at these challenging times? Yes. One of the qualities of a successful manager/supervisor/team leader is their capacity to coach. Incorporating coaching into your leadership function will help effectively motivate the team and connect with them on a deeper level.
Key Topics
I. Coaching Fundamentals
A. Definitions and Importance
B. Coach-Coachee Relationship
C. Coaching vs. Mentoring vs Counselling
II. Qualities of an Effective Coach
III. Key Principles to Coaching
A. Coaching Process
B. Coaching Remote Employees (Work from Home) (Virtual / Online)
C. Coaching Models, Techniques, and Tools
D. The GROW / GROWTH Model Approach
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