Jet Rai

Date Time: April 10, 2023 | 2:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

4 Hrs

Would you like to learn how to generate images using AI and earn from it?
This groundbreaking technology might be for you!
In this 4-Hour Intensive Class, you will learn:
✓ Introduction to Text-to-Image Artificial Intelligence
✓ History, Benefits, Major Players, and Platforms
✓ Treasure Trove of Resources
✓ Exploration of the Best Applications and Websites in the Field
✓ Tools to Master Prompt Engineering
✓ Live Hands-on Creation and Practical Application of Unique AI-Generated Images
✓ Secrets to Get Free Credits – Guaranteed Daily!
✓ How to Earn Real Money from your Output
✓ Be Part of Exclusive Communities and Receive Follow-Up Support within our Private Group
✓ Discussion about Major News and Breakthroughs and the Future Beyond AI
✓ Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from my Personal Point of View & Experience, and more…
When: April 10, 2023, Monday
Time: 2 pm to 6 pm
Where: Mambugan, Antipolo
Registration Fee: Php 3,500
Early Bird Rate: Php 2,500 (until March 31)
Tools to Prepare:
– Cellphone(preferably android)/ PC/ Laptop
About the Facilitator:
Jet Rai is the Founder of ArtExpands, a Visual Artist, Actor, Trader & Investor.
To join this workshop, please direct message me.
Thank you.

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