Live Webinar: Proactive Sales & Marketing

Business Maker Academy Inc.

Date Time: April 18, 2023 | 1:30 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

4 Hrs

“Time-tested marketing ideas and sales strategies to succeed in the new normal. “

Course Description

It’s time to learn sales and marketing skills to adapt to the new normal. Every business practitioner, whether a salesperson, finance officer or customer service representative, should be your company’s avid promoter and sales advocate. This training course shows the importance of marketing and sales for your company. It promotes a proactive sales and marketing mindset as a way of life at work with practical techniques, tools, and templates you can immediately use. Discover how the marketing spirit can bring success to you and your company. Get updated with new practices and methods to increase your sales.


What You Will Learn

-Essential principles of effective marketing and sales for the new normal

-How to align the marketing and sales activities of the company

-Proven techniques and tools for effective marketing and sales

-New & Proven Ideas to generate leads and increase sales


Course Highlights

1. Marketing & Sales during COVID

2. Pull & Push Strategy

3. Universal Sales & Marketing Model

4. Converting Leads to Sales

5. Proactive Marketing Basics

6. Customer Profiling

7. Product Review & Value Creation

8. Pricing Strategy

9. Publicity & Promotions

10. Traditional Marketing Methods

11. Online Marketing Methods

12. Alternative Marketing Methods

13. Proactive Sales Process

14. Building Your Sales Lead System

15. Sales Conversion

16. Proactive Sales Techniques


Who Should Attend?

This Training is designed for Business Managers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Sales Managers, Supervisors or Officers, Online Marketers, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, or any person who would like to learn to market and sell your products and service so that you can discover ways to increase your sales immediately.

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