KD2LM + Hindukaws Crib (Balisbisan Falls)

Tribu Adobo - Adorable Outdoor Bonding

Date Time: June 9, 2023 | 6:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

30 Hrs

KD2LM + Hindukaws Crib (Balisbisan Falls)
6D5N Bukidnon Adventure (June 9-16, 2023)


Estimated Budget:
6,700/head – climb + side trip fee (see inclusions and exclusions below)
*NOTE: limited to 15 slots only
Transpo (CDO-Valencia-Malaybalay-jump off Sitio Intavas-Sitio Maliwanag exit point-Hindukaws Crib-CDO)
Permit fees
Overnight fees
Accommodation fees sitio Intavas
Datu fee
Barangay fee
Exit fee
Guide fee
Organizer’s fee
Climb cert
Event shirt
Bag tag
Personal porter and meals
Climb Meals
Ferry Fares (CEBU-CDO) – approximately 2600 roundtrip
• Keep the LNT (Leave No Trace) principle
• Be mindful of the rules (every penalty costs 10,000)
• Wear proper hiking attire such as trekking shoes or sandals with good traction for slippery rock and loose soil and dry fit or rash guard (whether in Bukidnon is unpredictable)
• Bring trail food, energy or ion-rich beverage, water (2 liters), eating utensils, food container for packed lunch
• Practice climb and other physical activities are a must
• Proper rest before the climb
• Sun, prickly plants, rain, and skin/body protection like pants/leggings, cap, fleece/thermal jacket, umbrella, gloves, socks, first aid kit
• Any solution for cramps
• Waterproof your belongings in case of heavy downpours (weather in Bukidnon is unpredictable)
• Bring extra clothes and extra cash for an emergency
• Medicine for those having med maintenance
• Camp gear (tents, sleeping bag, headlamp, jacket, etc.)
• Notify the group of any illness before or during the climb
• Pray and be safe
• Always be mindful and follow the LNT Principles
• Respect each other’s time and effort; in short, be on time
• Hike with fun

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