Intuitive Awakenings distance learning

Mysterium Philippines

Date Time: March 11, 2023 | 5:30 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

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This event is ON-LINE as part of our Distance Learning Series
With all the success of online learning going on right now, We are wondering who would be interested in being part of the NEXT BATCH of the ONLINE version of our #INTUITIVE AWAKENINGS program.
Classes will be over ZOOM/Group chat, Distance learning, and Video for 4 Weeks’ worth of Community-Based E-Learning via the Distance Learning Approach.
This course is usually held once every quarter at the Mysterium Learning Center in Quezon City, so for those who can’t make it out, there is your opportunity to learn directly from the US how to develop, hone and apply your Intuitive gifts in the everyday world.
Classes open March 11th, 2023
The Mysterium community has been a guide, friend, and mentor to hundreds of people around the Philippines and the world. Through this organization, we have created an environment that aims to Nurture, develop and Empower the next generation of intuitive practitioners and leaders around the globe.
Ever since its inception in 2008, Mysterium Philippines has aimed to give quality and affordable, intuitive education to people from all walks of life through its best-selling INTUITIVE AWAKENINGS PROGRAM.
The Intuitive Awakenings program is an Intensive learning experience that aims to give its attendees a deeper understanding of their personalized gift of intuitive through Theoretical and practical methods, which will help each participant discover and focus their intuitive gifts on a deeper level.
AS there have been so many texts and methods of practicing and learning one intuitive gift, the INTUITIVE AWAKENINGS program has been synthesized in a way where the primary forms of practice and learning are imparted to all attendees throughout the course to teach the students primarily how to CONTROL any intuitive gifts they discover and activate them or de-activate them as needed.
The Intensive course is broken down into two parts—the theoretical segment and the practical component, which we will discuss as follows.
The Theoretical part of the program consists of the first 20% of the intensive as a whole within having the students understand the basics of how the intuitive mind works, and they would not fully grasp how to activate their intuitive talents at will.
Within the first hour, the Students will be instructed on
A) The meaning of the Word “Intuition” and how it connects to the word Psychic
B.)The difference between the Rational Mind and the intuitive Mind and how each processes information differently
C) The 4 Basic Brainwave levels and their effect on “The Intuitive State.”
After the participants have been instructed on these essential theories, this Segment is concluded with hands-on instruction on going into what we call “The Intuitive State” at will.
Once the students have competently learned these essential methods, the course will move towards practical ways of understanding HOW their Intuitive Gifts manifest.
Lessons will include but not be limited to
A) how to use the Pendulum to connect to The Unconscious Mind
The Chakras, Their alignment, and their Role in the Intuitive Experience
C) How to Use the pendulum to Scan the alignment of the Chakras
D) How to enter the intuitive state to scan the emotions and energies of others
E) How to use tools like the Scrying Mirror of Crystal to enhance intuitive readings
F) How to scan Objects and Places using the Intuitive Scanning Method
G) How to scan places of their energetic resonances
H) How to protect one from unwanted intuitive energies and experiences
I) Shamanic Vision Walking with the use of Drums and Discovering One’s Shamanic Power Animal
J) The act of Intuitive Scrying
K) Communing with Astral and Unseen entities through the intuitive state
L) Grounding and Intuitive Protection
Although this is just a primary curriculum of what we discuss during the course of the intuitive awakening it has been observed that more information can be addressed depending on the needs and experience of the class as a whole
Energy Exchange for this Program is 6500.00php
Early-Bird Rate: 6000php
A group rate of 4 is 5000.00php/Person if you enroll as a group of 4 or more
DM us for payment instructions or further inquiries

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