Infographic Design (Full Online)

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, Inc.

Date Time: June 17, 2023 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

16 Hrs

In this course, we will identify the essential elements of creating a basic infographic, including using the right font, visuals, and context to visualize information efficiently without compromising aesthetics and accuracy. In contrast, we uncover what makes a genuinely compelling infographic stand out from the others and some tips on adding visual interest to the reader.

Who will benefit

  • In-house graphic artists involved in business collaterals
  • Graphic designers interested in infographics and information design
  • Business people in charge of Business Presentations
  • Infographic Junkies

Method of teaching

This course provides live instructor-led demonstrations and discussions, student engagement, and on-the-spot hands-on exercises using Zoom, Google Classroom, and Adobe Illustrator CC or CorelDraw. A design brief will be given to the students to accomplish and present on the last day.

Course Outline

  • What makes a Good Visualization?
    • The elements of a successful infographic
    • Understanding how each part works
  • Making the Infographic:
    • What to say
    • Writing the Brief
    • Getting the Essence
  • How to Back it up:
    • Gathering your Data
    • Finding the Insight within the Data
    • Finding the Narrative within
  • How to Say it: Doing the Layout, Illustrating the visuals, Test its Readability, Making it Beautiful
    • Knowing your Audience
    • Print vs. Digital: Which Works Best for Your Audience?
    • Choosing What Chart Type Is Best
    • Understanding Hierarchy
    • Vector v. Bitmap
    • Finding the right font
    • Typographic Rules
    • Using the right color
    • Using color harmony
  • A Guide to Visual Analogies:
    • The most common tools in data visualization
    • Charts & Diagrams
    • Abstract Analogies
    • Analogies
    • Allegories
  • Design Make & Dont’s: Eight Design Mistakes and Easy Fixes:
  • The Most Common Mistakes Done by Graphic Designers in Creating Infographics, and How to Fix Them.
  • Basic Infographic Exercises
  • Evaluating the Exercise Results
  • A quick review of the Infographic Design Process
  • Putting into Practice:
    1. Application of statistical data into infographics
    2. Application of data visualization knowledge
    3. Focus group testing: Infographics fine-tuning and feedback from participants
    4. Final infographic presentation and review


Working knowledge in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or any free graphic design applications.


Students must have the following: Zoom application, Gmail account (for Google Classroom), Adobe Illustrator CC, or CorelDraw (lower versions are acceptable but may be restricted), and a stable internet connection.

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