How to Handle Difficult Customers

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Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

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7 Hrs

The seminar focuses on the unique techniques of managing customers who are problematic to handle. Ways, not only to satisfy their complaints but also to convert them into loyal customers, will be presented.
Key Topics
I. Introduction
a. Is the customer always right?
b. Customers’ needs, wants, and demands
II. Identifying difficult and angry customers
a. Types of difficult customers
b. Understanding customer behavior
III. Needs of the customers when they complain
IV. Developing self-awareness
a. How we communicate
b. Avoiding trigger phrases
V. Handling Techniques
a. Defusing techniques in dealing with angry customers
b. Using positive and appropriate responses
c. Transforming demanding customers into happy customers
d. Service recovery strategies
VI. Workshop
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