Hotel and Resort Operations and Management

Business Coach Philippines

Date Time: April 12, 2023 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

7 Hrs

Hotel and Resort Operations and Management
About the Seminar
This is a highly instructive short course on operating a hotel or resort-type business. It is an excellent introduction for those new to the company. However, even those with years of experience would find the seminar a great refresher. Many vital topics are to be discussed, from handling reservations and front office management to housekeeping and marketing.
Key Topics
I. Reservation
II. Front Office
a. Reception
b. Airport Representative
c. Registration
d. Room rates
e. Types of guest rooms
f. Auditing of daily transactions
g. Guest accounts
h. Reservations and cancellations
i. Other guest services
j. Check-outs
k. Rejection of accommodation
III. Housekeeping
a. Area cleaning
b. Guest rooms and suites
c. Cleaning supplies
d. Linen control
e. Sanitation and safety
IV. Staffing Requirements (Manager, Supervisors, Chambermaids, Room Attendants, Linen and Laundry Staff, Area Cleaners, etc.)
V. Other Services (Laundry, Valet, Baby-Sitting)
VI. Graveyard Shift Operations
VII. Purchasing and Inventory of Supplies
VIII. Controls
IX. Food and Beverage
X. Sales and Marketing
XI. Repairs and Maintenance
XII. The Butler Concept
XIII. Situations / Cases (Fire, Earthquake, Brawling, Public Disturbance, Noise, etc.)
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