Graphic Design Certificate Program

Boulder Digital Arts

Date Time: January 29, 2023 | 12:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

40 Hrs

Each session will include a small amount of optional “homework” so that you can practice what you learned and advance your skills. You will upload this work to Google Drive so that the instructor can review and provide constructive feedback. In addition, the instructor will be available to all the students between sessions for short periods of time to answer any questions or provide guidance as necessary outside of class sessions.
Complete Schedule:
Saturday, 1/28, 9am to 2pm
Sunday, 1/29, 9am to 2pm
Saturday, 2/4, 9am to 2pm
Sunday, 2/5, 9am to 2pm
Saturday, 2/11, 9am to 2pm
Sunday, 2/12, 9am to 2pm
Saturday, 2/18, 9am to 2pm
Sunday, 2/19, 9am to 2pm


About the Event

In this exciting 40-hour program held on WEEKENDS, you’ll develop an understanding of how a designer can solve various problems using the most popular and powerful applications in the Adobe Creative Suite through a combination of online lectures and hands-on learning. You’ll also learn how to combine these elements for multimedia presentations! Throughout the program, you will work on a “project” for a fictional publisher who needs book design, image manipulation, promotional materials, and video support for a new title. Layout sample pages of a book in InDesign, create the logo artwork for the book in Illustrator, create compelling images for the book cover in Photoshop, and make a promotional video with motion graphics of all these assets in After Effects. Along the way, the instructor will provide feedback on your work on behalf of the fictional client to replicate the experience of working with real clients. In this way, you’ll learn all of these powerful design tools and create a body of work to start your graphic design portfolio while getting a sense of what it’s like to interact with clients on graphic design projects. Prerequisites: Participants should also be familiar with the overall interface that is shared between all the Adobe applications. If you haven’t used any of the Adobe tools or want to be sure you’re up to speed, we offer registrants a free video introduction. Please contact BDA staff for access to this video. For a complete, day-by-day description of this paid class, please go to: Tickets