Full Moon Past Life Trauma Clearing Circle

Jess X Goh (https://www.lifeinconfidence.com/)

Date Time: February 6, 2023 | 4:00 pm
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

2 Hrs

What if you knew if you were able to access these past life experiences of trauma and karma to show you what patterns that need to be cleared in this lifetime?




Are you ready to dissolve your past life trauma so you can live a life with far more ease, grace and flow? 💝🌟



Here’s What You’ll Experience…


🌟Past Life Trauma Clearing: Go on a journey to start dissolving past life traumatic timelines and karma through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic and sound therapy.


🌟Sacred Sharing Circle: Feel safe and supported in a group dynamic with a heartcentered mentor and like-minded people as you share yourself with the tribe to integrate, followed by a personalised card reading and intuitive insights with next steps moving forward.


Can’t make it live? You might be keen on plugging your ears to my Past Life Trauma Clearing Audio!


Surrender To Trust,

Jess X Goh | Soul Founder Of Life In Confidence

Trauma Coach In Childhood Abuse | Galactic Healer | Detox Specialist

W: www.lifeinconfidence.com

YT: Life In Confidence


About the Event

Do you feel that, no matter how many years of shadow work you’ve done, that there are certain aspects of your life that aren’t really moving forward? Perhaps you’ve attracted a twin flame experience, a particular person in your life that you have a soul contract with or karma being circulated back in this lifetime that’s playing havoc with your identity?