Double Your Business: Hidden Revenue in Your Current Business

Action Oriented Agent

Date Time: February 9, 2023 | 1:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

1.30 Hrs

If you want something different from your business, you’re going to have to do something different. We look forward to getting you into ACTION with these tried and true concepts that will undoubtedly double your business. Join us online for this FREE event!
We believe all our dreams can be a reality through real estate while having fun.
We believe in better information, standard practices and transparent options for clients & real estate professionals.
We believe in being radically authentic with ourselves.
We believe we shouldn’t have to live on the transaction to transaction hamster wheel to only try and sell more houses to get where we want to be in life.
We believe in helping agents by eliminating priority confusion, getting the right things in the right order and fostering a community of self mastery to crush our life’s goals.
We believe to always seek for the best way things can be done.
We believe there is a better way and you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.
We believe in being in the right rooms with the right people.


About the Event

🚨 Get started – double or even triple your business 🚨 Going? ➡️…/double-your-business… Double Your Real Estate Business’ Revenue through transaction fees, charging what you’re worth & referral business strategies that work. ✅ Are you working harder for your business than your business is for you? ✅ Do you want to eliminate priority confusion? ✅ Would you rather sell more homes or make more in every sale…or both? ✅ Do you feel lost? ✅ Are you wondering how to get the right steps in the right order to grow your business? ✅ Have you ever thought …”there has to be a better way”? ✅ Do you want more focus, time, money & freedom? Action Oriented Agent is for you. Join us online for our next event.