Class FULL - Practical Pistol Enhancement Class

MP Concepts Pilipinas Training Group

Date Time:
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

8 Hrs

Practical Pistol Enhancement Class
This Class aims to increase participants’ confidence and proficiency in their chosen pistol platform. The course will focus more on the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship (balance of accuracy and speed) and its practical application to measure the student’s current shooting skills.
Class content is designed for novice and intermediate-skilled legal gun owners. The goal of the Class is twofold, drilling in the basics and the ability to self-diagnose performance based on hits on target.
At the end of the Class, the participant should have the ability for self-assessment and correction during their private range session.
Safety briefing
Reviewing Fundamentals / Breaking down the fundamentals
Draw and presentation
Practical speed development
On-demand performance skills
Reactive vs. predictive shooting
Standard Drills Live Fire
Second, run live fire drills
Training Validation
Class End
What to bring:
Any modern, in good working condition handgun with at least two magazines
Belt, OWB holster, and mag pouches
Eye and hearing protection
Clothing suitable for training (dry fit shirts and pants with belt loops)
Food and hydration
200 rounds of ammo (also available at the range)
Class Fee – PhP2500.00

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