Basic Wilderness Survival Course 2022

Cebu Outdoor Enthusiasts. We help adults and kids in Cebu get a better understanding about the great outdoors and preparedness

Date Time: September 23, 2022 | 7:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

72 Hrs

There is a cadre of women and men who are enthusiastic about wilderness survival. On the other hand, there are those who do not find it necessary to acquire survival skills. Such people live in a comfort zone and probably never think that these skills can come in handy specially in the outdoors.
Bushcraft is the art of using the resources provided by mother nature to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. It combines the knowledge of how to best use the plants and animals at your disposal with some basic bushcraft tools to make outdoor living easier and more efficient. In learning bushcraft skills we benefit in many ways including:
The ability to adapt into the environment and its challenges.
1. Becoming more self reliant.
2. Increasing our confidence.
3. Nurturing our survival skills.
4. Becoming better prepared to face unforeseen problems.
ITINERARY: to be posted
To register, follow this link below:
Forfeit Deposit –
50% of the registration fee is non-refundable when canceling your registration, however the payment is fully-transferable to another person who wishes to register for the event. For further questions, you may message me or call 09226767172.
– Camp shelter (tent, hammock, tarps etc..)
– Camping knives, but must be placed inside a sturdy sheath
– Food good for 7 meals
– Individual First Aid kit (IFAK)
– Sandals/slippers
– Drinking water at least 2 liters each, electrolytes
– Mess kit (cooking/eating utensils)
– Rain Gear (raincoat, rain-jacket, poncho or umbrella)

About the Event

The ‘BWSC’ (Basic Wilderness Survival Course) equips you with outdoor self-reliance skills that can be utilized in various environments, especially in the tropics. From simple fire building to in-depth training in wilderness survival. Enrolling to such courses is your source for outdoor self-sustainability.