Basic Beekeeping Face to Face Training Seminar

GKG Farm is a well established integrated farm started since 2004. It comprises various sections. Here are the following list of not all, 1. Sheep section 2. Goat Section 3. Mulberry Section 4. Cacao Section 5. Banana Section 6. Vegetable section 7. Dragon fruit section ( 1,000 post) 8. Itik section 9. Native Pig Section 10. American Lemon Section 11. Calamansi Section 12. Goose section 13. Bibi Section 14. Gunea Fowl Section 15. Free Range Chicken Section 16. Ornamental Plants Section 17. Mushroom Section 18. Poultry Section (25,000 heads Max Capacity) 19. Honey Bee Section 20. Azolla Section 21. Durian Section 22. Lanzones Section 23. Rambutan Section 24. Native Trees Section 25. Vanilla Section 26. Grape Section

Date Time: September 10, 2022 | 9:00 am
Time Zone: GMT+8:00 China Taiwan Time

Total Hours

16 Hrs

Beekeeping Seminar Benefits…

When beekeepers number increase, it will also increase the number of bee colonies taken care of in the Philippines most especially in Cebu.

It will help more farmers in pollinating the crops and double or triple the production and profit.

It will also increase the production of honey and meet the increasing demand of pure raw honey in the Philippines.

About the Event

It is a Basic Beekeeping Seminar intended to train new beekeepers basic knowledge in successfully keeping bees in your own backyard or in your farm ūüźĚ Part of the proceeds of the event will be used to help more farmers in Carmen, Cebu by providing free shelter, free water supply, free electricity and free food.