Nectios: All-in-One Platform for Managing Events and Building Communities

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Have you ever attended an event? It is a fantastic experience, especially if it is your first right? What you want right now is to interact with other people who share your values, your interests, and your standards. On a more personal and natural level, you want to create an environment where everyone can relax and be themselves. 

Nectios is a platform for virtual communities and events. A virtual community or a virtual space where staying connected with your professional network is easier than ever.

The platform that provides you with everything you need to plan, build, monitor, and engage your event or community. Our all-in-one modular platform lets you customize your virtual world, making sure that everyone who attends has a great time.

What makes Nectios the best all-in-one platform for events and communities?

Make your next event a great one that people will remember. Nectios does this by giving you cutting-edge tools like:

  • Live Streaming

Broaden your reach by streaming webinars, conferences, or other events; live from your virtual space. 

  • Ticket selling

Utilize the opportunity to monetize your event or community by controlling the entire ticket sales process.

  • Agenda

You can design a timetable for your event and distribute it to your audience so they can plan their days around the activities and speakers who will be presenting.

  • Individuals and Organizations

Set up and share information about your event or the community members and organizations that will be there.

  • Live Chat

You can turn on this feature to make your event or community a place where people feel welcome and can freely express themselves.

  • Calendar

Decide what information you want to share with the users and add your events, meetings, and other key dates.

  • Hangout rooms

Set a video conference space where you and your users can gather to celebrate key meetings or simply have a few virtual chit-chats over a cup of coffee. 

  • Media library

Add a place where you may store and share your videos, presentations, podcasts, and other files.

In the world of events and communities, the most flexible and cost-effective platform works like magic. A mobile app, a detailed event calendar, and an easy-to-use interface are all included in one platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an online, hybrid, or on-site event. 

Create memorable, unique, and exciting event experiences that your attendees will never forget!

Plan events like a boss!

(Visit  to see which of the most recent pricing options best suits your needs.)

Build your online community.

Build your community by using its powerful features:

Unify and conquer

  • Bring all of your followers, leads, users, and clients onto one platform.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for social media campaigns.
  • Instead of prospecting, gather your members’ information automatically.

Become an influencer.

  • Elevate and expand your brand by being a reference in your industry.
  • Gain influence, reputation, and visibility by expanding your virtual community.
  • Extract weekly metrics to learn how your community is performing.

Stay open and connected

  • Keep your users’ attention by regularly sharing your latest news.
  • Create your own blog and publish your posts there so that users can respond and comment.
  • Share your initiatives and success stories with your target audience.

(Visit  to see which of the most recent pricing options best suits your needs.)

Nectios is the first all-in-one webinar platform designed to create a community for marketers, small and medium businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. It lets you create a virtual space that is fully customized and linked to your experts, customers, and potential buyers.


Ynna Floresta 

Social Media manager and writer at Socially YnnaVAtive

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