Hubilo: The Hybrid Event Platform Built for Engagement and Event Excellence

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An Event Tech Platform Built for You!

Take a look at the most recent event you organized. Were you happy with the outcome? What could be improved?

Virtual events have gone a long way in the last several years. In the past, if you wanted your event to look attractive or be streamed live, you had to hire a team of technical wizards and designers. With Hubilo, spectacular events can now be organized in minutes, bringing people from all over the world together for an experience customized to their unique needs before, during, and after their participation. 

By combining the power of technology with purposeful design, Hubilo is creating an online event platform that can do anything and everything!

An Event Platform Perfect For Any Format

In any event, in any format, Hubilo’s mission is to increase engagement, which ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

  • In-Person

Hubilo is available to help you put on outstanding events. Hubilo’s event tech platform focuses on engagement, fun, and branding.

  • Virtual

Hubilo provides a virtual event venue for organizations or groups to have an engaging & interactive experience with their global audience.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid events are the same as running two or more events simultaneously. Hubilo guarantees that each element is successful.

Powerful and purposeful. This is how Hubilo platform events are defined.

Hubilo has a solution for any demand at any of your events. Make sure that all of your events go off without a hitch!

Hubilo’s Key Features, A Solution to Your Every Need

  1. Award-winning Customer Experience

Clients are of the highest priority! The Client Experience Managers at Hubilo will help you with strategy, preparation, and execution on the actual day of the event, from providing the appropriate strategic assistance to delivering crystal-clear communication. 

Hubilo assigns a Client Experience Manager who will help you get started and be there every step of your way.

Pre-event support

  • Aligning your event goals to your company goals
  •  Extend training during onboarding
  • Enabling third-party integrations
  • Conducting dry runs

During-the-event support

  • During live events, the last thing you want is to be interacting with a chatbot. Hubilo is 100% live human support!
  • Troubleshooting and debugging 

Post-event support

  • Gathering feedback and suggestions
  • Turning you into beta testers

Hubilo makes sure to support your events with a team that works strategically, passionately, and with a lot of experience.

  1. Engagement

As we enter this new era of events, human connections are more important than ever. Captivate your audience with a virtual event engagement platform.

  • Get the most out of your audience. Use powerful ways to get people interested through interactive chats, reactions, polls, surveys, social media integrations, and more. 
  • Keep their attention longer through fun and games.

Hubilo knows that if you want people to interact with you, you should make it easy for them to do so. Precisely what the Hubilo Engagement Suite allows you to do.

  1. Broadcasting and Custom Branding

Personalize sessions’ overall appearance and feel based on the event theme or sesh topic, including overlay graphics, logos, and backdrop pictures in your stream.

  • You may stream your session on social media. Simulcasting lets you live-stream your sessions to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Twitch, and Crowdcast to engage with your audience in real-time and increase event awareness.
  • Extensive branding capabilities. You can add logos, banners, overlays, and backgrounds to your sessions to create a fully branded experience for your audience.
  1. Integration

Add integrations to your event data to make it better. With powerful integrations, you can deliver unique event experiences!.

  • Hubilo lets you connect popular CRM and marketing automation tools so you can put all your data in one place. 
  • Discover how your event fits into your overall marketing strategy and how it affects your ROI.
  1. Ticketing and Registration

Hubilo makes it as simple as 1-2-3 to generate free, premium, public, and VIP tickets, process payments, and expedite registrations.

  • Hubilo automatically builds an SEO-optimized website or landing page for you when you create an event. This website allows your target audience to learn more about the event and buy tickets.
  • Make ticket purchases easier for global audiences by accepting multiple currencies. 
  1. Analytics

You can plan, measure, and get insights to improve event experiences and maximize event success using analytics.

  • Customized dashboards assist in tracking overall event performance and understanding more about your event’s engagement.
  • Allow sponsors to track booth visits, material downloads, and other metrics.
  • Hubilo’s multi-event analytics make it easier to monitor multiple events to detect patterns and optimize future events.
  1. Sponsorships

Attract sponsors by offering engagement packages that provide a return on investment.

  • Put sponsors in the spotlight for your audience. Make room for high-value interactions and lead generation.
  • Sponsors can talk to people at their booths and get touchless lead retrieval and lead scoring at hybrid events; so they don’t miss out on valued prospects.
  • Boost opportunities for sponsors and attendees to build relationships.

Your efforts to create fantastic events are important to us, and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that. Hubilo is an event tech platform designed for engagement, entertainment, branding, and much more; and it is always designed for you!

From small internal or community events to major conferences and trade exhibitions, Hubilo has created several packages to meet all of your event needs. These plans represent a deeper understanding of branding, ROI, and event engagement. 

To learn more, get in touch with Hubilo at


Ynna Floresta 

Social Media manager and writer at Socially YnnaVAtive

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