3 Smart Ways to Deliver Seamless Continuing Education (CE)

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Continuing Education is Experiential

Information and education are consumed more conveniently now than at any other time in history. As of January 2022, a whopping 90% of companies provide online learning options for their employees; only 5% of companies did so 25 years ago.

In this article, we will look at smart ways to make CE sustainable and engaging for attendees and learners, regardless of modality or channel:

  • online corporate training (LMS)
  • video conferences
  • virtual seminars
  • webcasts 
  • Webinars

1. Well-defined Goals

Transform Learners into Earners. CE can be skills-based and degree-based learning and certificate programs designed to further career opportunities for professionals. 

Those who pursue advanced and continuing education tracks have specific goals of earning certifications, positioning themselves for promotion and overall increased compensation.

Companies who have invested in continuous learning and development, and continuing education programs know that the return on investment is not covered by a single event or a single run of show. 

CE is now getting more woven into several key areas surrounding talent retention and narrowing skills gaps in-house. Because of this, companies and businesses that deploy CE should focus on both developing content and seamlessly managing ongoing events.

2. Well-planned Execution

Educational content is served in various formats and can be repurposed for multiple online channels and platforms. You need a team that can help you get organized at every step.

  1. The Design and Implementation Team helps you conceptualize and design the event theme, staging and decor to ensure your event stays on brand and memorable.
  2. Event Producers who can help you map out the entire production, content, marketing and promotion of your event. 
  3. Moderators who help you facilitate the flow of events and make sure your audience is attended to.
  4. Continuing Education Specialists ​​to ensure your content development and facilitation are aligned with your CE, webinar or event objectives.
  5. 24×7 Technical Support/ Helpdesk to ensure your event has the necessary redundancies, backups and technical infrastructure setup it needs to run smoothly.

3. Efficient Certificate Delivery

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), experiential and immersive technologies, and DIY or hyper-personalized learning programs are educational trends that set the stage for continuous training and professional development among adult learners.

Ongoing learning has never been more commonplace than today. It is practical, measurable, scalable and efficient. 

Whether you choose to run webinars, hold online, hybrid or in-person events, conferences, meetings or publish a steady stream of regular, consumable educational content pieces, having a system and a single platform to house all of them helps you spend less time in gathering, organizing, and reconciling content and data from multiple channels.

TIP: Here is a Free Certificate Generator Tool for smart Certificate Delivery. Easily deliver certificates to your attendees for any upcoming virtual, hybrid or in-person event to elevate their learning incentives and takeaways. 

Knowledge and Skills Building in the Information Age

Continuous Learning is the way of the future. The future is now. A strategy that aligns with the current direction of how companies and individuals consume educational content in order to stay relevant, updated, and competitive in their fields of expertise has never been more critical than today.

Consider new ways to execute your strategy for knowledge transfer using a simpler sustainable work process.


Everything You Need To Know To Create and Send Certificates To Webinar Attendees

Tools and technology alone are not the silver bullet to running successful online or hybrid events. 

An effective way to deliver high quality and engaging educational content is through a solution for delivering consistent CE experiences–one that centralizes, organizes and connects all the dots for learners no matter where they are in their learning journey.

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